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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much money will I receive per month?

This amount will vary from month to month based on how much money Tomchei Shabbos has available for distribution in that month, the size of your family, and the number of current beneficiaries. Tomchei Shabbos’ current maximum monthly distribution per beneficiary is $350 (although Tomchei Shabbos reserves the right to adjust that amount upwards or downwards in the future). Historically, distributions average $200 per month.  Even if you are approved as a Tomchei Shabbos beneficiary, there may be some months in which Tomchei Shabbos does not have sufficient funds to make a distribution to you. Additionally, the amount of your distribution may vary significantly from month to month.  Note: any balance due to the KC Kosher Co-op after application of the Tomchei Shabbos provided credit must be paid promptly.  Unused credits roll over to the next KC Kosher Co-op order.  Future distributions cannot be used to pay any balance due on a prior order.  Failure to pay an outstanding KC Kosher Co-op balance may result in denial of future distributions.


2. How long can I count on receiving financial assistance for?

Currently, a qualification to receive funds is good for 12 months from the date of approval following which time, some requalification may be required. Please remember that even during the 12 months in which you qualify, there can be no guarantee that you will receive money in each of those months.


3. Who will know that I am getting Tomchei Shabbos credit?

The only people who will know, by name, that you are receiving credit will be KC Kosher Co-Op and not more than one local person who will vet applications.  Anyone else at Tomchei Shabbos who is aware of amounts being distributed will see only the code numbers assigned by our system when you apply. When you pick up your KC Kosher Co-Op order, no one will be aware that you have paid in whole or in part with Tomchei Shabbos-provided credit.


4. Do I have to be Shomer Shabbos to receive help from Tomchei Shabbos?

No. While Tomchei Shabbos' mission is to facilitate Shabbat and Kashrut observance, which is strongly encouraged, identification as Shabbat and Kashrut observant is not a requirement to receive aid from Tomchei Shabbos.


5. What if I don't use KC Kosher Co-Op, may I still receive help from Tomchei Shabbos?

At the moment, the KC Kosher Co-Op is the only provider with whom Tomchei Shabbos works and Tomchei Shabbos does not have any other means of distributing its funds. There may be other providers in the future. KC Kosher Co-Op’s processes are very reasonable and it is free to set up an account with them.

6. Why was I rejected?

Tomchei Shabbos’ approval process was developed with the help of its Rabbinic advisors. Unfortunately, Tomchei Shabbos has limited funds and must prioritize allocation of those funds based on the significance of need, as determined using the criteria developed with our Rabbinic advisors.


7. If I was rejected, or was receiving help but am no longer receiving benefits, when may I reapply?

If you were rejected, you may re-apply after 3 months. If you were receiving help and are no longer, please email us at as you may need to re-qualify.

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