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Who Are We?

Founded in 2010, Tomchei Shabbos (“Supporters of Shabbat”) of Dallas’ goal is to lovingly and anonymously providing essential Shabbat food to needy Jewish families in our community.


Our vetting process is conducted with the utmost discretion, care and privacy. Recipients are sent credits via email which can be used only for the purchase Kosher food. The food can be ordered online and picked up without anyone knowing that the food has been paid for with Tomchei Shabbos-provided credit. Every part of our process is structured in the spirit of Mattan Beseter, allowing both the donors and donees complete anonymity.


Tomchei Shabbos is entirely supported by the compassion, generosity and financial support of the Dallas Jewish community.

About The Process

Our application process is both simple and discrete. Applicants are asked to fill out our application and submit it to the Rabbi of their congregation. Only one member of our vetting team, in addition to their Rabbi, have access to all personally-identifying information in an application, so as to allow Tomchei Shabbos to verify that information. Once information is an application has been vetted and an application has been approved, beneficiaries are notified by the KC Kosher Co-op that a credit is available for their use.  Beneficiaries are asked to open an account with the KC Kosher Co-op.

Applicants who wish to benefit from the services of Tomchei Shabbos of Dallas will complete the following steps:

  1. Create a KC Kosher Co-Op Account: If you do not already have one, create a KC Kosher Co-Op account at or by clicking here. There is no charge for creating an account. All Tomchei Shabbos aid is currently distributed via KC Kosher Co-Op and you cannot receive aid unless you have a KC Kosher Co-Op account. Please remember which email address you use in creating your KC Kosher Co-Op account. 

  2. Complete Application: Download and complete application.

  3. Submit Application: Once an applicant has completed the application it should be submitted to the Rabbi of their congregation.  Additional information may be required.  Tomchei Shabbos reserves the right to verify any and all information in your application with the Rabbi you designate.

  4. Failure to identify a Rabbinic affiliation will not mean that you application will be rejected but may significantly lengthen the review process.

  5. Incomplete, Accepted, or Declined: Once an application and supporting documentation have been reviewed, the applicant will receive email notice as to whether their application is : (a) Incomplete and must be resubmitted; (b) Accepted; the applicant has met the criteria to receive aid from Tomchei Shabbos of Dallas and will be contacted with their Co-Op credit amount on a monthly basis (if funds are available at that time); or (c) Declined; Tomchei Shabbos of Dallas is not able to help this applicant. 

  6. Receive and Use Credit: Once an applicant has been accepted and funds are available, the applicant will receive a notice from the KC Kosher Co-Op on a monthly basis as to what their credit for the month is. This credit is available for use on the KC Kosher Co-Op website only. If a beneficiary does not use their credit during a particular month, the credit will continue to be available for use in subsequent months, however, unused credits may expire if not used within 6 months of their issuance.




  • Approval to receive Tomchei Shabbos funds is NOT a guarantee that you will receive funds in any particular month or that the amount you receive from month to month will be the same.

  • Any balance due to the KC Kosher Co-op after application of the Tomchei Shabbos provided credit must be paid promptly.  Unused credits roll over to the next KC Kosher Co-op order.  Future distributions cannot be used to pay any balance due on a prior order.  Failure to pay an outstanding KC Kosher Co-op balance may result in denial of future distributions.

  • In order to grant beneficiaries their credits, KC Kosher Co-Op will necessarily have access to the names of beneficiaries. KC Kosher Co-Op will not have access to any other information in applications and is not involved in the allocation of funds between Tomchei Shabbos beneficiaries. KC Kosher Co-Op simply emails beneficiaries with credits in the amounts instructed by Tomchei Shabbos. If you have any questions about the amount of a credit (other than a technical issue relating to how to use of credits) please DO NOT contact KC Kosher Co-Op. Please contact Tomchei Shabbos instead.

Please see our FAQ for additional information.

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